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The Helping Advisors Blog is designed to help financial advisors meet the challenges they face. From helping you answer questions your clients have to better understanding the markets and the economy, this blog hopes to create a dialog where our experts can quickly and more easily provide the information you are looking for. As such, it’s important that we hear what’s on your mind and to get your point of view on the discussion.

Unfortunately, because this is a public blog, we can’t discuss specific investments or address customer service issues, but if you would like to talk to one of our client service representatives, please call us at 800-787-7354. Additionally, as this is something new for us, we plan to review comments before they are published and we reserve the right to publish comments at our discretion.

Some other factors to consider when commenting:

  • Russell may not respond. While we’ll carefully read every comment, we may not respond to each one. However, even if we don’t respond, all of the comments we receive will influence the types of issues and topics we cover in future blog posts.
  • Stay on topic. Please make sure your comment is relevant to the overall discussion and to the post you are commenting on.
  • Avoid investment advice. Broad statements about financial topics are okay, but we’re not able to publish comments containing specific product, investment, or financial advice.
  • Be respectful. Your opinion is important and it may differ from that of others, but please refrain from making personal attacks. Also, in the interest of constructive discussion, please don’t use profane or offensive language.
  • We respect your privacy. While your name and e-mail address are required to post a comment, only your name shows up on the posted comment. We will only use your email address if we need to follow-up on a comment you have made and will never use it for any other purpose.
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