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Best of the blog – one year and counting

When we started this blog one year ago, our vision was to create a resource that would provide context, provocative ideas and practical advice for financial advisors as they work hard to help investors improve their financial security. As a reflection of an advisor’s  multi-faceted and incredibly challenging job – depending on the day, you

Nov 29, 2011 Categories: The Way Back Machine

Bondstock: What’s in a Name?

This year, Russell celebrates 75 years in business. Some might see this is a noteworthy milestone and others might see it as having little relevance to the future. I think it means something – especially when considering the first investment product that Frank Russell (the founder of our firm) offered, called Bondstock. It was far from

Aug 11, 2011 Categories: The Way Back Machine

A little perspective on equities

There is no shortage of news items for investors to focus on – disasters in Japan, political tensions in the Middle East and North Africa, etc. – but it’ s worth noting how far the markets have come in the last two years and where we are year-to-date in regards to U.S. equities. It was just over

Mar 29, 2011 Categories: The Way Back Machine
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