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A fool and his money: A lesson in investor behavior

Court jester hat

In honor of April Fools’ day, remember this lesson in investor behavior about too-good-to-be-true investments.

April 1, 2014 Categories: The Way Back Machine

2013: A year in review

One of our key missions on the Helping Advisors blog is to help you and your clients have productive conversations together. In years like 2013, that had us distilling the investing implications of various episodes of political brinksmanship, an impressive U.S. equity rally, and uncertainty in fixed income markets. It also saw us delve into lizard brains and star-gazing. Seriously.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Standing on the shoulders of giants!

Although experience can help in investing, you still can’t know for sure what the future will bring. That can be unnerving. Recalling key life lessons from mentors can help deal with that sense of “the more I live and learn, the less I know.”

Nov 12, 2013 Categories: The Way Back Machine
2012: A year in blog posts

2012: A year in blog posts

Time flies when you’re having fun – or when the markets are keeping you busy, as the case may be. 2012 was certainly no exception, and the Helping Advisors blog reflected that again this year. Whether it was providing context, provocative ideas or practical advice, the blog aimed to prompt and support those real conversations you have with clients.

Dec 27, 2012 Categories: The Way Back Machine

Who will your clients turn to?

It seems like anyone and everyone can find a lesson, morality tale, or instructive point about the apparently pending end of the world on December 21, 2012 as predicted by an unknown and unnamed Mayan calendar maker. Even your trusty Helping Advisor bloggers found an opportunity to leverage the story to make a point about

Jul 3, 2012 Categories: The Way Back Machine

Don’t let politics drive your investments

Think presidential cycles should drive investment strategy? Check out this graphic.

Apr 26, 2012 Categories: The Way Back Machine

Looking back, diversification worked . . . over time

Since the turn of the millennium, U.S. equities have returned 1.2% per year, as measured by the Russell 3000® Index; non-U.S. equities not much better, up only 2.8% per year, as measured by the MSCI World ex-U.S. Index. One dollar invested (with dividends reinvested) in U.S. equity on January 1, 2000, was worth $1.16 on December 31, 2011. That

Mar 27, 2012 Categories: The Way Back Machine
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