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Johnny Cash and investor crisis fatigue

I had an idea while watching the Oscars this year: what if instead of composing a soundtrack for a movie, we had to compose one for the world for the first three months of 2011? To do that, we’d need to bring Johnny Cash back from the dead. Like his music was, the world has

Apr 21, 2011 Categories: Economic Insights

A few thoughts on where to focus in 2011

Over the past months I have spoken with many advisors about Russell’s 2011 expectations for the capital markets and how we are positioning our firm to face off against the opportunities and challenges the new year will present. Many of these thoughts have already been shared on the blog, so today I share my guidance

Feb 17, 2011 Categories: Portfolio Corner

Where’s the growth? Tips for becoming a global investor

If your clients feel caught between the fear of losses and the anxiety of not having enough for their later years, there are some steps you can take right now to help them: Help them recognize and accept that the recent bear market signaled a permanent shift in the investment landscape. Acknowledge that their market

Jan 4, 2011 Categories: Portfolio Corner
Millennials are the future.
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