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Fiduciary responsibility: A welcome, global and promising disruption

Fiduciary responsibility

There’s little doubt that the DOL fiduciary rule is a disruptive industry event. But, Russell Investments’ Tim Noonan believes it is also welcome, global and promising.

November 1, 2016 Categories: The Art of Advising
Rattled by markets

Rattled by the markets? Consider spreading your bets

Equity markets this year have sent a strong message to investors: Investing for any one market environment successfully requires a crystal ball. If you haven’t got one, consider spreading your bets.

Feb 2, 2016 Categories: Portfolio Corner

Government shuts down, stocks go up. What’s the story?

The best economists can explain why a government shutdown could be greeted by the equity markets as a non-event, as it indeed was on October 1st. But, there’s more to this story than economics.

Oct 8, 2013 Categories: Portfolio Corner

Russell’s updated 2013 outlook: From glass half-empty to glass half-full?

Following the strongest U.S. equity market start to the year since 1997, Russell’s global strategist team has updated their outlook for the remainder of 2013. They remain positive, but expect gains will likely be limited by a mature earnings cycle, reasonably full valuations and moderate economic growth. In their view, Europe will likely remain a source of volatility.

May 1, 2013 Categories: Economic Insights

Risk on… risk off… risk right?

The extreme market volatility of the past four years has left many advisors and their clients wondering how to best adapt to the new environment. In our view, a careful balance of seizing new opportunities and actively managing risks is key to improving portfolio outcomes in the future.

Jul 12, 2012 Categories: The Science of Advising

Thoughts on where to focus in 2012

Although we human beings draw a clear distinction between New Years Eve and New Years Day – one thing has ended, another is starting – capital markets and the factors that drive them just keep going as if the calendar year hadn’t just switched over. As a result, some of the baggage of 2011 will

Jan 19, 2012 Categories: Economic Insights

“Intermediate” Gratification

At the risk of stating the obvious, the restoration of investor confidence and the recovery of the global economy are inseparable. Everyone knows that. I tend to think that the appearance – and reality – of powerlessness and uncertainty about the basic effectiveness of our institutions are among the most scarring after-effects of the global

Jul 21, 2011 Categories: Economic Insights
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