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The DOL had their say. Now what?

The DOL’s new “fiduciary,” conflict of interest rule is just the latest factor shifting the competitive landscape within the advisory industry. Advisors who embrace the necessary changes as a result of the final DOL proposal—by managing four pillars of a sustainable advisory business–are likely to achieve the greatest degree of success in a post-DOL world.

Apr 7, 2016 Categories: The Science of Advising

How are advisors adapting to regulatory pressures in 2016?

A sneak peek of the latest Financial Professional Outlook survey reveals many advisors don’t expect the proposed DOL Fiduciary Standard to have a large impact on their business. We caution that view.

Mar 29, 2016 Categories: The Art of Advising

Defense is the best offense. 2016: the year of sustainability

As you embark on your 2016 annual planning process, focus on strategies that drive toward sustainability and risk management. This approach isn’t necessarily new – but proposed DOL legislation is likely to make it essential.

Dec 17, 2015 Categories: The Science of Advising

Beware the path to extinction

A growing segment of advisors risks extinction largely because of their comfort with the status quo. What can you do to avoid falling into that trap?

Oct 29, 2015 Categories: The Science of Advising
Financial advisor superpower

What’s your advisor superpower?

Take the advisor quiz, find out “What kind of advisor are you?” and discover your advisor superpower.

Sep 24, 2015 Categories: The Art of Advising
Puzzle pieces

Four steps to help build a client-centric team

Looking for a strategy to build a client-centric team? Consider following these four steps.

Apr 2, 2015 Categories: The Science of Advising
Yellow taxi cabs

Are you insulated from the “Uber” equivalents in financial services?

Uber™ has quickly transformed the competitive landscape for traditional taxi cabs. Similar technology-based, disruptive entrants may be changing the status quo for advisors. Are you prepared?

Feb 24, 2015 Categories: The Science of Advising
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