And now for a little down time

Happy 4th of July

As you head into the long weekend, we’ve curated some of our favorite evergreen posts so far this year, for your (re)reading enjoyment.

The art of interactive storytelling – Interactivity is compelling and differentiating for many investors. It can lend itself well to many of the stories you already tell and bring your conversations with clients to the next level of engagement.

Are you insulated from the “Uber” equivalents financial services?  – Make sure you’re not caught off-guard by the latest demographic shifts and technology-based innovations impacting the advisory landscape.

Gambling, betting and investing – The advantage to betting in investing compared to betting in Las Vegas: you can make more informed investment bets than you can gambling bets. Make sure you’re capitalizing on that key difference.

The secret decoder ring to advisor scale – Managing the number of investment holdings in your business and keeping it to a rational amount creates the scale to grow.

Have a happy 4th of July.

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