3 tips for using mobile technology in client presentations

Client presentations mobile technology

Picture this: you’re sitting around a large table in a meeting while the presenter sits at his laptop at the section of the table closest to the power adapter, tabbing through the slides of a presentation. In the meantime, you and everyone else in the meeting are flipping through printed handouts of the slides and not paying much attention to the presenter. Sound familiar?

Now, imagine if the presenter were able to walk around the room freely with only a tablet in their hand, showing real-time data and engaging the audience? Sounds like a much better use of time – and more effective communication, doesn’t it?

The fact is, the business world has gone mobile and many are leaving paper handouts and PowerPoint in the dust.

As a tech-oriented person, I always enjoy talking to financial professionals who are already using mobile technology like tablets. But while many of these advisors are fluent in the basic functionality of tablets—sending email and scheduling meetings—they’re not as familiar with applications and streaming technology designed to deliver real-time data and fully interactive client presentations.

With the introduction of tablets and streaming technology, you can up the “wow” factor at your next meeting with clients. Here are three things you may want to consider for making your presentations more effective.

1. Don’t worry about Wi-Fi

Interactive presentations simply require a tablet and a streaming device. The set-up time is minimal: it takes about the same time as connecting your laptop to a television, monitor or projector.

For streaming functionality, you can either use a Wi-Fi connection or your tablet’s cell service. I’ve found the latter to be a great option when presenting at large conferences where the Wi-Fi can get bogged down by the attendees’ devices.

2. It’s all about apps

Regardless of the mobile operating system you may be using on a tablet (Android or iOS), there are many applications that will help you deliver real-time data and graphical information that’s easy to consume and understand.

The advantage to using these applications is that you can stream them from your mobile device to a television monitor or projector. You can also transition easily from one app to another without the use of a laptop and remote. Some applications will even provide multiple views of the presentation material: you can have speaker notes viewable on the tablet itself, while displaying a different view for your audience to follow along. Some of my favorite apps include:

  • GoodReader for downloading, storing and quickly accessing documents
  • Polaris Office for creating, editing, and presenting Mircosoft Office documents
  • Grafio, a virtual whiteboard for sharing your ideas

3. Seek full audience engagement

Using mobile technology in your meetings allows you to impress your audience with your tech savvy, while also keeping your audience engaged.

Everyone is used to the typical data and information-heavy PowerPoint presentation, and it’s hard to truly capture an audience’s attention that way. But an interactive and app-driven presentation rarely fails to captivate audiences. And as you know, client engagement can go a long way in helping drive commitment to the financial planning process.

The bottom line

There are many valuable ways to take advantage of mobile technology beyond checking email and scheduling meetings. Make sure that you are finding opportunities to build your expertise in this area, and capitalizing on the ways mobile technology can make a real difference to your clients and your business.

Jayson Thompson is an E-Business Engineer for US Private Client Services – PCS Marketing.

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