Referees and money managers…Get the best in there

October 2, 2012 Categories: The Art of Advising
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Referees and money managers...Get the best in there

Disclaimer: Apologies, Packers fans. To avoid the continual abrasion of your undoubtedly fresh wounds from last Monday night, you may want to skip the following post.

At the culmination of what has been a month’s worth of poorly officiated NFL games, the heavily-criticized “replacement referees” made a controversial callto end the Packers-Seahawks Week 3 matchup on Monday Night Football.

And controversial is putting it mildly (just ask any Packers fan).

With no time on the clock and down by 5 points, my beloved hometown Seahawks heaved a final prayer for victory into the end zone. The whole stadium – and the many more watching live with millions of dollars and thousands of fantasy football games on the line – held their collective breath as the outcome of the game hung in the balance.

When gravity finally took its toll on the football, one player from each team had their hands on it. Optimism abounded, and fans from both teams erupted with joy. Amidst the chaos, each of the two players wrestled to make his claim for the catch while the referees approached the scene to make a determination on the final play.

At that critical moment, I remember feeling uneasy at the prospect of a botched call. I was wishing that we had more skilled, more experienced, and therefore better prepared referees to make the correct call. As the head official eventually raised both arms signaling a touchdown and a Seahawk victory, I’m certain that all Green Bay fans had the same sentiments (and worse).

Given this wildly unpopular decision made by the refs, a national uprising of negative publicity for the NFL ensued. This last straw seems to have broken the back of the “negotiation camel,” as the NFLRA (NFL referees association) and the NFL finalized an agreement three days later that put the regular officials back to work.

Everyone invested in the NFL wants the best refs in the game. The same goes for investment portfolios; your clients deserve the best money managers as well!

Like the ever-changing NFL rulebook, the intricacies of investing in capital markets are also extremely complex and difficult to navigate. Doing so optimally requires the best of the best – professionals who live and breathe those intricacies. When difficult situations arise – such as identifying promising long-term investment opportunities in the midst of volatile markets, or assessing a dual-possession reception – it’s best to have experienced, skilled and capable experts to navigate those situations with sound judgment.

Yes, the regular officials will make some bad calls – and they’ll hear the familiar “Boooooo!” when they do – but they’ll get it right more often and more consistently than would the replacement refs. As NFL fans and teams around the country will echo, “at least we know we’ve got the best.”

Capable money managers may not be as simple to identify as capable referees, but it can be done.

As a Seahawks fan – and I’ll admit, a potential beneficiary of what some have called “The Inaccurate Reception” – I think it’s clear that the NFL (and any investor) is better off when they’ve got experts on the job.

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Monday Night Football is a live American television broadcast of the National Football League (ABC 1970-2006), (ESPN 2006-present)

The Green Bay Packers are an American football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They are members of the North Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL).

The Seattle Seahawks are an American football team based in the Seattle, Washington. They are members of the Western Division of the National Football Conference (NFC), in the National Football League (NFL).

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