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Don’t let politics drive your investments

Think presidential cycles should drive investment strategy? Check out this graphic.

April 26, 2012 Categories: The Way Back Machine

The extreme sport of investing

If you ask a world-class cliff diver when the best time is to dive, the answer, Speedo1 in hand, is usually “right now!” If you probe a little more, you find out that these pros carefully observe tide patterns and wave action before they take the plunge. If the tide is out or the water

Apr 24, 2012 Categories: The Art of Advising

Russell Adaptive Investing™ for retired investors

Every day 10,000 baby boomers in the U.S. turn 651 . That reality is forcing all of us in the financial services industry to change how we face the problem of investing in retirement. Investing in retirement is a different investment problem than accumulating assets over a long horizon before retirement. How do you do more than

Apr 19, 2012 Categories: Portfolio Corner

What are your return expectations for 2012?

When we conducted our first quarter Financial Professional Outlook survey between January 19 and February 3, 2012, we asked advisors what return assumptions they were building into their client portfolios for the year. We also asked what kind of returns they thought their clients were expecting. We were surprised to hear that advisors and investors had very

Apr 17, 2012 Categories: The Art of Advising

Return of the taxman

Last year, I referenced that The Beatles were facing a 95% marginal tax rate back in 1968.  This led George Harrison and band mates to write the classic anti-tax song. While we are nowhere near a marginal rate that extreme, investors should be cognizant of where we are today in regards to marginal rates and,

Apr 12, 2012 Categories: Economic Insights

Embrace the global economy

Whether you fully understand the ongoing drama of the European Union or not, one thing is certain, the news sounds depressing. The Europeans have dug themselves a financial hole, and it will take years to dig out. Many of your clients may see this as a warning signal to avoid Europe at all costs. It

Apr 10, 2012 Categories: Portfolio Corner

What’s the broccoli of your portfolio?

For as long as I can recall, I have heard market pundits rationalize why markets or asset classes have recently performed differently than in the past by saying “It’s different this time.” It seems that almost as soon as an asset class performs well relative to another, the victor is convincingly declared a “game changer”

Apr 5, 2012 Categories: The Art of Advising
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