Take Five: Creating an “Advertisement” for Your Practice

Definition of "advertise"
What experiences are you delivering to your clients? Specifically, how are you providing not only advice and service but a WOW experience that your clients can and will relay to their friends and colleagues? When clients share a WOW experience, it becomes an advertisement for your practice. How do you create such an experience? Let me share an example.


I have three children under the age of 6 and being new to the area, I initially selected my pediatrician based on proximity and insurance. My medical professionals were doing their jobs, and I have never doubted my care or advice. This is a specialty I have no education or expertise in, so I trust the professionals. It wasn’t until I experienced service that exceeded my expectations that I realized that my level of trust or advocacy in my provider could be based on more than just the basics.

Loyal Client

When my second child was born, I learned first-hand the difference that an experience can make. Arriving at the pediatrician, I was greeted by an experienced nurse who went out of her way to make our visit so much easier. She focused all of her attention to my older child, telling her how nice it was for her to help her little sister, saying she deserved stickers for her help. This allowed me to focus my attention on the baby – what a relief.

Already impressed and pleased with our visit, I went to the mailbox the next day and there was an envelope addressed to my oldest daughter. Inside, a note “Thanks again for helping your baby sister, I did not want you to think I forgot about you, here are your stickers”. That’s where the WOW came into play. Not only did my doctor’s office provide trusted advice and quality service but they delivered on what they said they would do – even to a 2 year old. Imagine what they’d do when it really mattered.

Loyal Client Advocate

The team at the pediatrician’s office delivered an experience that I can re-play to my friends and colleagues anytime the topic comes up in conversation. They went the extra mile and “covered the full court,” which pushed my loyalty to the point of advocacy.

Most parents of young kids I talk to are not looking to change pediatricians, but once they hear about my WOW experience, they want the same thing for their kids. I do not feel like I am selling them on anything – all I’m doing is telling the story of my experience. It’s something I’m happy to do as a loyal client and an advocate for my pediatrician’s practice.

The way I see it, if you provide advice, you have customers. If you provide advice and service you may have loyal clients. If you provide advice, service and a WOW experience, you create advocates who willingly provide you with referrals just by sharing their experience. That’s the best marketing you could ask for!

Alyssa Von Herbulis is a practice management consultant for Russell Investments’ private client services business.

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