Fiduciary responsibility

Fiduciary responsibility: A welcome, global and promising disruption

There’s little doubt that the DOL fiduciary rule is a disruptive industry event. But, Russell Investments’ Tim Noonan believes it is also welcome, global and promising.

Nov 1, 2016 Categories: The Art of Advising
Economic Indicators Dashboard Featured

Economic indicators dashboard – September 2016 – Economic resilience

Overall, the Economic Indicators Dashboard reflects a resilient U.S. economy on the eve of the U.S. election and November Federal Reserve meeting.

Oct 27, 2016 Categories: Economic Insights

AmygDOLa – How are you wired to react to the looming DOL rule threat?

The DOL rule’s looming implementation deadlines are triggering survival instincts among many advisors. That instinctive reaction will dictate who will succeed in shifting with the advisory curve.

Oct 18, 2016 Categories: The Science of Advising
markets in perspective September 2014

Markets in perspective – September 2016 in review – Wrapping up a strong 3Q16 on balance

Markets in September quickly shook off the volatility of the early days of the month, finishing the third quarter of 2016 in positive territory for most asset classes.

Oct 11, 2016 Categories: Economic Insights
4 habits of successful investors in volatile times

4 habits of successful investors in volatile times

The typical news cycle about the upcoming elections, low returns and high volatility have caused concern among many investors unsure about how to best position their portfolio. Four key habits of some of the most successful investors may help.

Oct 4, 2016 Categories: Portfolio Corner
Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets Equities – Emerging Investment Performance

The outlook for EM asset classes is turning more positive, or at the very least, less negative – according to Russell Investments’ Senior Investment Strategist for Asia-Pacific and Australia.

Sep 29, 2016 Categories: Portfolio Corner
Economic Indicators Dashboard Featured

Economic Indicators Dashboard – August 2016 – Mostly lazy summer days

Overall the U.S. economy appears to be healthy based on the latest reading of the Economic Indicators Dashboard.

Sep 27, 2016 Categories: Economic Insights
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