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May joy and peace light up your holiday season

We often turn to children for their unique way to illustrate ideas. For our annual holiday card, we encourage the children of our associates to create the cover artwork. This year, Arianna Schilder, age 8, is the winner of the holiday card design contest. Arianna is the daughter of Seattle-based Portfolio Manager Mark Schilder. We

December 28, 2010 Categories: General

Investing secrets and ancient spice traders

You’ve probably heard before how valuable spices were in the ancient world. Before global trade blossomed, people could only get spices such as pepper, cinnamon, saffron and frankincense from enterprising merchants willing to transport them from far off places. What you may not have heard, though, are the stories sneaky spice traders dreamt up to

Dec 23, 2010 Categories: The Way Back Machine

With yields so low, does it still make sense to hold bonds?

I have heard from many advisors who are concerned we might be in a bond bubble. They want to know if it still makes sense to hold bonds in the current environment of extremely low yields. I thought that other advisors might be struggling with these same concerns, so I wanted to share my view.

Dec 21, 2010 Categories: Portfolio Corner

Confidence: Money managers have it, investors need to get it

We recently published our latest Investment Manager Outlook, an ongoing survey intended to generate a meaningful snapshot of investment manager sentiment. This quarter we learned that money managers are generally confident in the global economy and share an optimistic view of U.S. equity markets. In fact, 88% of the managers believe 2011 market performance will

Dec 16, 2010 Categories: Economic Insights

Taxing times: Short term gain, long term pain?

While the proposal to temporarily extend Bush tax cuts and extend unemployment insurance may be a good way to stimulate the economy in the short term, the long term consequences on the budget deficit are worrisome. In his September 28th testimony to Congress, released in “The Economic Outlook and Fiscal Policy Choices,” Congressional Budget Office

Dec 14, 2010 Categories: Economic Insights

Advisors and investors don’t see eye to eye on the direction of the markets

Every quarter, we ask advisors across the country for their opinions on their practice, clients, products, and their plans to allocate among different asset classes. We publish these results in the Financial Professional Outlook (FPO). This quarter we explored the differences in how advisors and investors view the markets. We expected that the views would

Dec 9, 2010 Categories: Economic Insights

Check inflation with three simple steps you can do yourself

How confident are you about the Fed’s ability to control inflation? If you’re like us, it’s something you frequently think about. To help you better answer this question, here’s a simple way to see what kind of inflation rates are being priced into the fixed income markets. The breakeven inflation rate between a conventional Treasury

Dec 7, 2010 Categories: Economic Insights
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