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November 30, 2010 Categories: General
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At Russell, we believe investors have a better chance of improving their financial security by working with a trusted financial professional. Even in the best of times, sticking to a disciplined investment strategy can be challenging. However these days, people are more fearful, unsure, and overwhelmed about investing than they’ve ever been. As you guide your clients through the thickets of doubt and put them on a path to achieving their goals, know that you don’t have to do it alone. We’re committed to helping advisors.

For more than 70 years, we’d like to think that our best business success hasn’t come from selling products but by providing insight that helps you help clients achieve their financial goals. Our researchers, product developers and thought leaders are focused on identifying the pressing needs of investors and advisors and then finding solutions that make the most impact.

The launch of the Helping Advisors Blog marks the next phase of Russell’s commitment to offer timely content and ideas that will help you do more for your clients. On this blog, you’ll find insight on the markets, tips to grow your business, and talking points for having more meaningful client conversations. We want to build a better dialog with you about your concerns and challenges and enhance your access to our experts.

This is a fairly new experiment for us, and we’re really excited about it. We know you’ll have questions and suggestions, and we want to hear them. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section of the blog and let us know what we can do to help. Let’s work together to improve financial security for more people.



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